GHP FISH uses variety of volunteer activities:   
  • Food bank shoppers; sorting and stocking food donations
  • Sorting and organizing clothing & housewares donations
  • Transportation services
  • Monitoring phones from your own home
  • Collecting food at the grocery store food drive
  • Board Members
  • Students who need Community Service hours are WELCOME
  • Special projects and events

To volunteer with us, please print and fill out the form 
                                    Bring it in or Mail to:
                                    GHP FISH, P.O. Box 154, Gig Harbor, WA 983

  • Have a food drive in your neighborhood.  
  • Have a virtual food drive by using one of the donate options on the donate page. Specify your drive name and GHP FISH will collate your donations and let you know the totals.
  • Have a family or neighborhood garage sale for the benefit of the food bank. 
  • Have a clothing drive or a new sock drive in your neighborhood.
  • Have your garden club, book club or other club take a themed food collection at your next gathering. Select a theme such as anything "hot" for the month of August such as hot dogs, hot sauce, cinnamon candy, spicy sausage, etc.              
  • For holidays or celebrations, consider donations   to GHP FISH in lieu of, or along with gifts.
  • Donate your change jar.
         Volunteer with your Family or Group
   GHP FISH is a family of volunteers who give the gift of their time to our community
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This website was developed and is maintained by one of  GHP FISH's dedicated Volunteers
HomeServicesDonateGet InvolvedEventsAbout UsContact Us

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Gig Harbor, WA
Phone: 253-858-6179 
Financial Aid: 253-851-8800
Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH
       Food Bank and Community Services

GHP FISH has a "7 Step Food Drive Set Up Kit"  to help you with arranging your food drive. 
Click the link below

Food Drive Kit

      Items most used by the                           Food Bank

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