Perishable items - large bags
  • Potatoes - baking, white, or red
  • Onions - yellow, white or sweet
  • Sweet Potatoes 
  • Refrigerated and Frozen items - if dropped off at the food bank during open hours. Meats must be commercially packed, frozen, and less than 1 year old. Chilled items (milk, cheese etc) must be within expiration date and unopened.

Non-perishable food and grocery items
  • Canned and jarred goods ie: low salt vegetables, fruit, soup, tuna, chili, beef stew, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, canned meats, low/no-sugar jam/jelly
  • Baking products, macaroni & cheese, pasta, rice, cereals, hamburger helper, oatmeal
  • Fruit and vegetable juice
  • Coffee and black tea
  • Sugar and flour - 1-5 lb package
  • Mayonnaise, catsup, mustard
  • Razors, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner
  • Feminine products
  • Paper towels, napkins, tissues, toilet paper
  • Baby wipes
  • Size 5 & 6 diapers
  • HE Laundry soap, dish soap
  • Canned dog and cat food and dry cat food 
  • Any items you might have on your own Shopping list

Clothing & Housewares:  
         We currently are overloaded with most clothing/housewares
         Always room for new socks/underwear, kids rainwear, 
               light jackets
  • Clean, gently used every day children's, women's and men's clothing and shoes, coats and jackets. New socks/underwear. 
  • Clean, working small housewares, tableware, cookware, toys and books
  • Clean, gently used linens, bedding, blankets  (no used pillows)

Operating items for the food bank
  • Egg cartons - paper cardboard, 1 dozen size
  • Grocery store plastic & paper bags; reusable shopping bags
  • Black Sharpie markers
  • ZipLoc bags - quart and gallon size​
  • Clear tape refills - narrow and packing sized

    *We appreciate donors who check expiration pull dates before
      bringing in food so we can reduce the amount we have to
     purge. Opened food items are discarded.* 

        Drop off your donations at the food bank during our 
        open hours:
        4425 Burnham Drive (in the Eagles Building)
        Gig Harbor, WA 98332

Food Bank Needs
We would love to meet you and personally thank you for your amazing gift! Please stop in for a tour.
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Thank you for filling our shelves!
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