Neighbor Helping Neighbor
The Gig Harbor and Key Peninsula areas have an increasing number of people working in low paying service jobs. As the community continues to grow more affluent, housing and other necessities are fast outstripping the ability of many families to provide the basics for their families.  

The volatility of the labor market has even put many well-paid individuals in situations where emergency assistance is sometimes needed. 
Other reasons include:

  • Out of work
  • Work slow down or seasonal work
  • Divorce
  • Under-employed
  • Abuse
  • Students, low-income
  • Illness or injury
  • Disabled, low income
  • Elderly, low income
  • Unexpected bills
  • Family crisis
  • Eviction
  • Unable to drive
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It only takes one person to change 
the lives of many families!
This website was developed and is maintained by one of  GHP FISH's dedicated Volunteers
Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH began in June 1976 and was incorporated in August 1985 from a group of people who believed that every person in our community is our neighbor.  Neighbors care and take care of one another. “Neighbor helping neighbor” has been our motto since our inception. Everyone in the greater Gig Harbor peninsulas is a member of Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH by contributing food, money, clothing or housewares or volunteering in some aspect of its operation or by receiving services. 

Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH is more than a Food Bank.  We are over 240 volunteers who, in addition to distributing food, issue financial assistance to pay rent, water, power and other basic utilities; provide urgent transportation to medical appointments; issue summer camp and summer school funds for school age children; distribute school supplies for children in our support areas; identify counseling assistance for school age children and their families, distribute used clothing, small household goods and appliances, Christmas baskets and toys, funds for educational expenses to college students who live in the Gig Harbor and Peninsula area, such as books, supplies and transportation to school; and are telephone monitors who answer calls from those in need. Local markets donate food to our Food Bank, and we hold a food drive at Safeway each month.  Many students use Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH for their senior projects or community service hours by organizing food drives or other events that benefit the GHP FISH or by volunteering in the Food Bank.

Because we are an all volunteer organization we are able to use more of our donations to assist those in our community who request our services. 94.97% of our donations in 2016 went to our clients. Only 5.03% of donations were used to pay for the food bank rent and utilities and minor office expenses.

In FY 2016, the Food Bank was able to feed 3,756 families, representing 8,104 community members (3,043 children). Over 60 % of our clients are elderly or disabled. Others are working but not earning enough to cover all of their expenses.  During this same time period, our Financial Aid volunteers distributed over $101,816.78 helping 472 families pay rent, utilities and other expenses. The new Student Aid Program is presently helping 25 students enrolled at local colleges with books, gas and bridge tolls as long as they are keeping up with their grades. At Christmas the Toy Program was able to provide 285 children with gifts, thanks to the generosity of this community.
Neighbor helping neighbor in need with food and other assistance as they move toward self-sufficiency.
Mission of GHP FISH
4425 Burnham Drive, 
Gig Harbor, WA
Phone: 253-858-6179 
Financial Aid: 253-851-8800
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Do you know A.L.I.C.E.?

ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. ALICE are households that earn more than the U.S. poverty level, but less than the basic cost of living for the state (the ALICE Threshold). Combined, the number of poverty and ALICE households (32 percent) is the total Washington population struggling to afford basic needs.

See Washington State rates for each county.
See detailed report of Pierce County.
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